Hugs and emotional wealth Change The world

The Little Book Series of Emotional Health for Emotional Wealth are re-packaged sections of the book so that you can look at what I have said about a particular topic before investing  in the comprehensive, larger, book “Emotional Health for Emotional Wealth”.  They are on Kindle and other e-book readers.


Sexual Abuse & Incest

Physical & Emotional Abuse Hurts the World as Well as the Child

Rape – Not Sexual Assault

Charming Men and Chauvinists

What Passes for Passion on TV

Walking on Egg Shells

Worry Doesn’t Fix Anything

My Drinking isn’t a Problem!

Feeling Down?

Parenting Your Way Through Divorce

Food and Thought

Superwoman Does Not Exist

Loss is Part of Life

Why Walk Into A Therapist’s Office?

What Every 16 Year Old Needs to Know About Love

How A Functional Family Might Look

How Not To Be A Doormat